Cleaning the bettas

It has been hot and bright. the blue betta’s tank was afrond with algae and Java moss. I put the fish and his plants aside, then took everything apart and cleaned it, washed the gravel, scrubbed the tank, and so on. I put it back together with half the old water and half new, conditioned water. For the red betta, I cleaned with a siphon and replaced half the water. They both look good. The red betta’s tank was cleaner, perhaps because he has a large snail as a companion to clean up uneaten food.

Here they are all shiny and clean.

a red betta and a blue betta swim in small rectangular aquaria

Two bettas in their tanks


Grand gay wedding

Two men in vests ad hats are standing before a table with a sign,

Two spouse-to-be wait their turn to marry each other.


During World Pride Week, 110 same-sex couples celebrated their weddings at Casa Loma, one of Toronto’s more picturesque spots. People came from distant countries to marry. The Grand Pride wedding is the largest of its kind in North America.

Moving the bettas

Within a few days, it became clear that the blue betta was shy and did not like being in the large aquarium. The red betta was bold and felt the five-gallon tank was too small for him. I switched them around.

Here’s the red betta exploring his new surroundings.

a red fish with long flowing fins glides past large green leaves

Red betta

The blue betta relaxes in his new home.

a blue fish with long flowing fins gazes out of an aquarium

Blue betta


The SO was home for the weekend, so we went out to Finatics aquarium store in Mississauga, Ontario, and bought community fishes, mostly guppies, and released them into the aquaria.

Here’s the small one with a female guppy and a red betta.

aquarium with a red betta, a female guppy,and plants

5-gallon tank with fish and plants


And here’s the large one with male guppies, cardinal tetras, and a blue betta.

28-gallon tank with fish and plants

29-gallon tank with fish and plants

I couldn’t choose between a red betta or a blue one, but we have two tanks so I was able to get both.

Plants for the large aquarium

The large aquarium, with a large Amazon spear plant as its centrepiece, is impressive.


29-gallon tank with plants

29-gallon tank with plants

Now to let them sit for a few days.

Plants for the aquarium

I bought aquarium plants and planted them directly into theaquaria. You’re supposed to wait one week before getting any fish.

Here’s the 5-gallon aquarium.

An aquarium with gravel and plants, on a bureau

Five-gallon aquarium with plants


Aquaria cleared

Even with the filter running, it took a few days to clear the water. Here the water is mostly clear.



Aquarium 1 is in the same state: clear, with gravel and a large rock or two.



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