Previous office buildings

There’s a lot of variety in the life of a freelancer. I don’t have pictures of all my old workplaces, but here are some of them.

November, 2007: contract at Shoppers Drug Mart.

office building and parking lot from the air
December, 2006: a contract at Liberty Village (west of downtown) for a company that creates video products.

June, 2006: a technical contract in the suburbs.

February, 2006: a fast-paced, technical contract outside of Toronto.

April, 2005: documentation structures for a data-vaulting technology.

August, 2004: a multi-document contract involving translation, just north of Toronto.

June, 2004: a contract at Liberty Village for a company that writes Web agents.

May, 2000: a contract downtown for Sun Microsystems.

April, 1997: my second contract for Promis Systems.

June, 1996: two more contracts for Oasis Technology at another location.
Fall, 1995: two contracts in a row for Oasis Technology.

Fall, 1994: UNIX “man” pages written in eroff.

Summer, 1993: my first contract for Promis Systems.

November, 1991: a contract at the Atmospheric Environment Service.

October, 1991: my last permanent job.

office building seen from the street

THIS POST IS BACKDATED to put it at the bottom of the list.


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