Cat bites

In early 2000, I was bitten on the hand by a stray cat. It kept chomping on me and then looking to see if I would let it go yet, then chomping some more. It had infected scratches on its face so I wanted to take it to the vet.
I had asked my son to stand back so as not to frighten it away, but I expected him to rush in with a cage as soon as I had the cat. He chose to interpret my instructions as to retreat to the upstairs.

I went to the doctor immediately after dropping the cat at the veterinarian’s. He (a) didn’t clean out the wound and (b) gave me a weaker antibiotic than the one recommended for cat bites. The durn microbes got into my tendon sheaths so my hand had to be immobilized so they wouldn’t spread. I ended up having minor surgery. Then I had months of physiotherapy to free up the joints that had frozen into place because they’d been immobilized. Let my misadventure be a lesson to you: If you’re going to catch a cat, use gloves; and put each of your joints through its whole range of motion every day or you’ll lose mobility.

THIS POST was made later and BACKDATED to its proper date.


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