Canada Day fun

I had a really nice Canada Day (formerly Dominion Day, because Canada invented dominion status for countries of the former British Empire).

The “former borough of East York” parade started up Pape Avenue yesterday, so I threw on sturdy rubber sandals and a red & white dress to go see. It was a pitiful little thing, with only about 6 units. But I started to follow it to get pictures of the front of the parade; and as they went along, they picked up other units.

At the old East York Civic Centre, the military units joined in, and in the end there were jeeps, pipe bands, veterans, flag parties, a flute corps, an accordian marching band, and a huge Falon Dafa group with drums and lion dancers. And the Shriners hillbilly riding tractors, etc. Our new Member of Parliament bicycled by on a tandem bike with our Member of Provincial Parliament. Many of the spectators dressed in red and white, the colours of our flag, for the occasion.

I outpaced the parade for about 3.4 km by walking and running, up to Cosburn and over to somewhere east of Coxwell Avenue. Then I walked home, taking pictures of people’s gardens on the way. I am seeing more songbirds, even Baltimore Orioles, which I haven’t seen since I was a kid. My theory is that “naturalized,” shrubby gardens that more people are planting should get part of the credit. In all, I covered about 6.4 km. Then I relaxed for the rest of the day and played with our new kitten.

In the afternoon, Greece again unexpectedly won a soccer game in the Euro cup, and a huge, honking celebration broke loose. Cars with Greek flags flowing out the windows cruised up and down Pape, across the Danforth, and across our street as well, Car horns, sirens, and truck air horns filled the air like a bedlam air raid alarm. And our cats preferred the back yard with the noise to the quieter indoors with the new kitten.

Finally I requested to go out to dinner in some other neighbourhood. We had a very nice dinner downtown at Le Select Bistro, and came back at 10:30 p.m. to continued bedlam. Don’t those people think about people with children who need to go to bed early? People with babies? People who work shifts? People who are ill or have a headache? Probably not. In fact, I think you could put the question mark after “think”. We shut the kitten in a spare bedroom, lured the cats in, closed the front windows, and eventually drifted off to sleep to the subdued honking. Everyone but the Greeks is hoping that they’ll lose the final game so we get some peace and quiet tomorrow night. If they win, the honking will go on until 1:00 a.m.


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