Snow in Fort Erie

I was near Port Colborne and Fort Erie this weekend, so I drove over and looked at the aftermath of Friday’s early and heavy snowstorm.

In Port Colborne, there was snow only where it had been piled up. Some trees were damaged.

In Fort Erie, it was above freezing, but heavy snow was piled at the edges of roads and parking lots.

The traffic lights wers out at Highway 3 and Regional Road 116 and at many smaller intersections. 55,000 people were still without power (counting those across the border in Buffalo.) The Tim Horton’s coffee shop was lined with people getting a hot drink. Scenes like this one, snow mixed with broken tree branches, were everywhere.

There were heavy clouds to the south. Looking over the river to Buffalo, I could see more snow or rain falling.

The only ones enjoying themselves were the gulls and geese, who took advantage of many large, shallow ponds formed by meltwater over clay.

There are more pictures on “Science Notes“.


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