I think I saw a coyote in the Don Valley!

About midnight last night I was driving in Toronto. I came off the Don Valley Parkway into the Bayview Extension, also in the Don Valley. Just as I came off the ramp, I saw a greyish, wolf-like creature. trotting out to the other side of the road, ready to cross. As soon as it saw the car, it whirled around and ran into the protective woods. That is not the normal behaviour of a domestic dog!

This is bad news for us as the coyotes have been in the west side of the city for some time, but so far they haven’t been much in evidence on our side. Though I haven’t been seeing as many cats on the streets at night… Coyotes can outrun them and will eat them. So now we have the choice of keeping them in or fencing the entire yard so that a cat can’t get out.

Since coyotes are extending their range north due to lack of wolves, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to extirpate them from the city.


One Response to “I think I saw a coyote in the Don Valley!”

  1. Sue Says:

    My husband saw a coyote too! At Overlea and Thorncliffe Park Drive by the industrial park.

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