Swim workout May 7

swimming, gliding or sculling drillsLotStreetWiz very nicely woke me up at 6:00 with coffee and a snack, then dropped me off at the pool.

Approximate workout in 25-yard (22.5m) pool:

  • warm-up: 3 x (50 yards breast stroke + 50 yards front crawl) = 300 yards
  • 3 x (100 yd. breast stroke + 100 yards front crawl with pull-buoy) = 600 yards
  • three-position sculling with pull-buoy: 50 yd.
  • cool-down: 2 x 50 yd. side stroke: 100 yd.

Total, 1050 yd. (945 m)

Worked on cardiovascular stamina, smoother stroke in crawl.

The leaves of the chestnut trees are now bigger than my hand. I saw a grey pigeon with two white tufts of feathers over its eyes.

After that I had breakfast, dropped in at Autodesk (formerly Alias|Wavefont), and took the streetcar home to get my computer working. I added a one-mile walk at the end of the streetcar ride.

Then in the evening it’s an hour of Pilates with Jennifer Coyne of Coyne Pilates.

Pilates exercise


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