Bike helmet

LotStreetWiz decided to discard his old bike helmets as each of them had been in a crash and had been banged on a hard surface. They still looked OK and they had StyrofoamTM backing; I was tempted to offer them to people without helmets who look as if they can’t afford them and who are running the risk of getting a ticket for not wearing one. Having a helmet is far less important than obeying the rules of the road and biking safely. But I dutifully threw them away. I can’t be responsible for letting someone use a helmet that might not protect them in a crash.

Then off we went to La Bicicletta on Saturday morning two weeks ago to buy a new helmet. I enjoyed the bike racer ambiance.

racing bike on pedestal

LotStreetWiz talked with a sales guy and tried on helmets.

At La Bicycletta bicycle shop in Toronto

They had to get the right adjustment.

At La Bicycletta bicycle shop in Toronto

Finally one was just right.

La Bicycletta bike shop in Toronto

On the way out, I noticed one of those extravagant bike-race trophies.

racing bike and trophy

UPDATE: I noticed that there were helmet marks after a four-hour workout. Maybe he should have bought the large size.

You can read about the Poseur jersey here.


One Response to “Bike helmet”

  1. Richard Nelson Says:

    I highly recommend La Bicicletta: 1180 Castlefield at Fairbank avenue, in northwestern Toronto (a mile or so south of Yorkdale). It’s in an odd location.

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