Bike ride, May 24

It’s Victoria Day and a Saturday and the weather is beautiful. I went out with LotStreetWiz, who was doing a short, medium effort run as part of his Ironman training program. We drove to the Don Valley and took to the multi-use paths along the Don River. This is only the second time I’ve ridden my new bike. It’s as light as a feather compared to my old Trek, which I’ve been using for most of the last ten or fifteen years both for commuting and occasional pleasure rides.

There were lots of families cycling and walking, plus a few runners. We didn’t go very far, and it was hard at first to keep the bike down to running warm-up pace. Then we decided to cut short the run and we rested at the Forks of the Don, where the east and west branches come together.

I pulled up some dog-strangling vine, an invasive weed that has invaded the valley in the last few years. Across the river from us was the wreckage of a wood & iron bridge carried downstream in the spring floods a couple of years ago.

Don Valley, Toronto, sunny day, wreckage of old bridge

The point on the right is between the two branches.

Forks of the Don

Beyond the point, you can see the west branch of the river fading into shadow.

other branch of river beyond shore of this branch

Just upstream is the confluence of the east branch with Massey Creek. Here and there in the valley, a pink-flowered bush is blooming.

Pink blossoms on a bush, Southern Ontario

I biked a little further. I looked at the giant “elevated swamp” sculpture with its solar-powered waterfall, from the old Don Road bridge.

Art project eco-swamp in Toronto\'s Don Valley

Here’s the old Don Road bridge.

Don Road Bridge in Don Valley, Toronto, with sun shining through

Here’s a view through the columns to the railing of the old bridge over the east branch… [My God! That’s why they call creeks “branches” in the States and you can get “bourbon & branch water” to drink! Or is it “runs”?]

Old bridge over Don River in Toronto

The sparkling water of the east branch goes under the old Don Road bridge. Here’s a look through the fence.

Here’s a look over the fence.

Don River in sunlight

This is my bike on the other side of the bridge.

Old Don Road bridge, with bicycle

Beyond the bridge is the Don Valley Parkway with a smattering of Saturday-afternoon traffic.

When I got back to LotStreetWiz, he told me that he’d seen a handsome black-crowned night heron at a shallow spot further up the river. I went back and checked a couple of gravel-bars, but I didn’t see it. Then I powered back to the car.

birds, black-crowned night heron, perching


One Response to “Bike ride, May 24”

  1. Richard Nelson Says:

    The “old bridge” over the East Branch of the Don is the old Don Mills Road bridge, replaced in the 1960s when the Don Valley Parkway was built. A bit of the old Don Mills Road surface is visible north of the bridge.

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