Stanley Cup Finals, Game 3

This game in is Pittsburgh, city of bridges: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings. I tuned in late. It was 2 – 1 for Pittsburgh. The first goal was scored by Sidney Crosby. The next was by an older, but energetic, Penguin. Then I think Detroit got a goal.

  • Pittsburgh scores
  • Penalty against Pittsburgh’s Malkin. Detroit goes on the power play.
  • Four minutes left. Someone bounces the puck off an official. Detroit is swarming the Pittsburgh goal.
  • One minute left. Intense pressure from Red Wings but Pittsburgh takes the puck down to the Red Wings’ goal and keeps it there.
  • Twenty seconds left. Red wings pull their goalie. Swarm the Pittsburgh goal but no score.

Pittsburgh wins, 3 – 2.

32 saves by Marc-Andre Fleury, the Pittsburgh goalie.

This is one of the Pittsburgh players, before a game, looking determined.

Hockey player on Pittsburgh Penguins looking determined


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