Bike ride, June 15

It was thundery in Toronto; in fact a bolt of lightning sizzled, spit, and cracked over my head this afternoon. But in Hamilton it was warm and fine.

I picked up Andie in the afternoon and we went to the Hamilton lakeshore trail. We biked from the 600-m mark to the end, up around 8 km, and a bit beyond.h When we looked back, we could see the big bridge where we’d started. The weather was glorious. We saw lots of red-winged blackbirds. Many of them seemed to be trying to perch on tufts of goldenrod. I wonder if they are staking out nesting sites for the second brood of the season. And we passed a turtle crossing the path, so I had to go back and take another look. It seemed to be heading for a swampy area that might not always be wet. Did it go down to the lake to lay eggs? Or was it just out for a stroll along with the cyclists, roller-bladers, walkers, and wheel-chair rollers?

Just after we turned around to come back the wind changed and rain threatened. We booted it back fairly quickly. We stowed the bikes in the van and went for a burger and milkshakes and some delicious, soggy french fries.

After our supper we walked back to the van. And we saw the biggest dog… it was an English Mastiff that weighed 250 pounds. According to its owner, it’s unusually small for the breed. I asked Andie to stand with the dog for scale.

English Mastiff

Perhaps you need more than one picture to see how big this dog is. Here he is with his owner.

dog, mastiff, with owner

The dog was well behaved, but when he decided to go somewhere he was hard to hold.


The man himself was fairly tall. His companion, in the background, was dwarfed by the mastiff.

Here is the dog with Andie again.


Here’s a link to a picture of a large mastiff. Just scroll down until you come to it.

Notice that this multi-use path is wide enough to be shared. It’s about twice as wide as the paths in Toronto. People could walk four abreast and we could still get around them on the path.


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