Currently reading: “Victory of Eagles” by Naomi Novik

Victory of Eagles

Victory of Eagles

Bless Naomi Novik and her “beta readers” for turning out well constructed historical fantasy. Imagine Horatio Hornblower meets Lessa of Pern. In Novik’s alternate history, the Napoleonic wars are being fought with aerial support mounted on flying dragons. Victory of Eagles is the fifth in the series.

The chief draconic character is Temeraire, a large black dragon of the Celestial breed. His human rider is Captain Will Laurence. As the book opens, Laurence and his dragon partner, Temeraire, are unwillingly apart. Laurence is under sentence of death and is being kept imprisoned–his life used to keep Temeraire docile.

But events sweep them up when Napoleon and his dragons invade England under the direction of the Chinese dragon Lien.


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