Heat & smog alert!

It was very fine on the weekend, but for the last few days, it has been getting hotter and a little more humid each day. Today we had both an extreme heat alert and a smog alert. It’s going to be slightly hotter on Thursday with a chance of thunderstorms, and the same on Friday. We might even have a funnel cloud! On Saturday it might cool off a bit with more thunderstorms.

I’m not going to bike to work unless I can get out early and find a place to lock my bike in the underground parking. Currently we have more bikes than racks.

I was going swimming this morning but I read until late and decided not to get up early. Then I planned to go to Pilates tonight but I cut the travel time fine and then took the underground streetcar the wrong way after letting two go by in what turned out to be the right way. So I just came home.

My documentation is shaping up and yesterday we got access to our wiki where the documentation will be stored. We had a meeting to hash out the standard page format.

The weather report just came on. It’s going down to 19 tonight but right back up to 30 again tomorrow. Today it was 30 but felt like 38. The tornado watches and warnings in Western Canada have been called off. Oh-oh! They had about three inches of rain in Dunneville. I wonder how the Guide Camp is doing?

Now I need to go and hang the laundry that I started this morning. And then I can write my science blog posts for tomorrow and schedule them to appear throughout the day.


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