Open water swim, July 18

It was another day of heat & smog alerts. We wanted to get to swimming early so we packed up from our respective workplaces at 17:30 and were on the road to the beach shortly after that. The water was warmer than ever (75 F.). Maybe next week some of the others will shuck their wetsuits. There were long, low rollers coming in, which made swimming more interesting.

I warmed up in advance of the lesson by swimming out around of our temporary buoys and back. We practised swimming into the waves and back. More swimmers arrived The second time, I went almost as far as the other swimmers. Then we swam down the beach to another spot where we could practice triathlon starts. Last week we practised water starts, from treading water; this time we practised running starts from the beach with shallow-water swimming; and “dolphin-diving” in slightly less shallow water.

I got into the water about 18:15 and swam until 19:00. I don’t know how far I swam; I just enjoyed the water and took it easy. I’m getting more confident and more consistent, which is good. Here’s everybody except for Mirtha, who went off to change, and for Laura, who is taking the picture: Arthur, Coach Kelvin, Lynda, Richard, me, Lisa.

See Kelvin’s swim diary.
And now I need to get to sleep. You wouldn’t think that we need haircuts? But we’re getting up early to get our hair cut nice and short for swimming.


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