Another rat

Cloud caught a rat last night. I heard him flopping something around in the kitchen. I thought maybe he had brought in another stuffed toy. But no, it was a dead rat—still warm. So I opened a can of catfood and gave him a big dish of it. While he was occupied, Fog found the rat and sniffed it curiously. I threw the rat away and gave Fog some of the catfood.

Cloud finds his toy

I hope that Cloud killed it and that it wasn’t poisoned. Now that I know from reading Parasite Rex that rats with toxoplasmosis infections are careless of cats, I don’t want my cats eating them. Cloud seemed to accept the trade of dead rat for catfood.

The rat was a big one, probably 8 or 10 ounces, sorry, almost 300 grams, like the one that Marlowe caught in December 2006.

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