Orillia Kids of Steel triathlon

We’re back from Andie’s first triathlon, a Kids of Steel tri in Orillia, Ontario. The swim was in Lake Couchiching, but in a very controlled area: a shallow beach with the course marked by buoys. No leg of the swim was more than 50 metres long, so for the 300 metre swim the older kids did 25 out, 50 across, and 25 in, with a 50-metre run to the start of the next round, for three rounds. Andie started at the back and was kicked a little by slower swimmers as she tried to poke by, so she hung back. She takes weekly lessons at the Bronze Star level and has a strong front crawl with a tendency to lift her head up to breathe.

Then it was off to the bike ride, a 5-km out-and-back that the older kids did twice.

And then there was a 3-km run, also made up of loops and partly on city bike trails. Here she is with a respectable sprint finish.

The day was much longer than we expected. We arrived about 2.5 hours early for the scheduled start, which gave plenty of time to line up for race kits, get numbered, and put Andie’s things into the transition zone. Then we found out that the only people starting then were those aged four or five years. The kids went off in waves and Andie’s group was more than two hours later than we expected. Then they sent out three age groups together so there was a big age range, 12 – 17, and a big difference in sizes.

A suggestion for next year was to let the later kids register and set up later–but I’m not sure how that would work, logistically. Still, Andie had a respectable swim, bike, run and I think she enjoyed the accomplishment.


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