My first triathlon

I did my first triathlon on Sunday: a try-a-tri in Orillia. About 220 people took part. (Or maybe I should say 217.) The weather was lovely: sun, some clouds, nice breeze, water fine. The swim was 375 metres, the bike ride 10 km, and the run 3 2.5 km.

I thought I’d have an easy time of the swim and plod through the rest of it at my usual commuter bike pace and Clydesdale amble. Instead, I was terrible at it. I felt mysteriously panicked during the swim because I couldn’t get enough air. I did the sidestroke most of the way so I could pant. Much of the time was spent worrying that the swim wouldn’t be timed because I hadn’t crossed over a timing mat before starting. It took about 24 minutes to do the 375 metres.

I probably took three or four minutes at transition because everything stuck to me when I tried to put it on. Then I was slow at biking but that’s not surprising as I have no endurance and there were hills. I did about what I expected on the bike, about 40 minutes for 10 km.

Then another three minutes in the transition zone. I drank the rest of my Gatorade(TM) from the bike bottle. I finally figured out during the run that my new running bra, worn under my bathing suit, wouldn’t let me breathe deeply. Consequently, I did even worse than my realistic expectations. Once I undid it I could breathe better and actually run a few steps. I finished it dead last or “DFL” as they say.

I was last out on the bike course and last back, but not, I think, slowest; then I was last out on the run but I did finish at about 1:38:41 total time – probably 33 minutes for the run. On the run, the Gatorade crew were packing up when I got close to the 1.5-km 1.25-km turnaround, but they left a glass out for me to have on the way back. The announcer was still announcing and the clock was still running when I got to the finish line. I know my timing chip beeped. Then they went straight to handing out prizes. I picked up a banana, some cookies, and some cranberry pitas from the food crew, who were also packing up.

I’m still considering whether to do another one. I think so. It wasn’t fun this time but only because I mysteriously could not catch my breath. It’s a fast-growing sport, according to the organizers.

I Will probably do the 5K associated with the Toronto marathon in a few weeks with Andie while Richard does the half.

Andie did fine in the kids’ tri but took a spill on her bike yesterday, crossing some train tracks on a bike path, and hurt her shoulder. We were at the hospital getting X-rays until 11:00 p.m. and then got supper at McDonald’s and I drove her back to Hamilton.

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In fact, she did wear her helmet and properly at that.


2 Responses to “My first triathlon”

  1. linae Says:

    WELL DONE!!! I cannot imagine running in a bra that would not let me breathe. Here I though chafing was the worst issue.

    OF COURSE you want to do another tri. The swim challenges everyone. Now that your first race is out of the way, you’ll do great.


  2. monado Says:

    Of course I’d never tried the running-bra bathing-suit combination, so I didn’t know what the problem was. I swim 900 – 1500 yards in a 1-hour workout, so I didn’t expect to have any trouble with a swim on a fine day, even if it was crowded.

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