Ironman Canada is today!

Canada’s Ironman triathlon is running in Penticton, B.C. today. I’m watching the streaming video & audio (announcements and their choice of music on the speakers at the start/finish lines! Check it out at Just keep following the links to live video. The results/transcription window pops up automatically.

The competitors are divided into professionals (pros) and amateurs (age-groupers). The pros compete for the overall win. The age-groupers have separate prizes for each age group (about a decade).

Ironman criteria:

  • Swim 3.8 km or 2.4 miles
  • Bike 180 km or 112 miles
  • Run a full marathon (42 km or 26.2 mile)
  • Cut-off time, 17 hours

The youngest competitor a woman of 18 and the oldest a 78-year-old nun. The oldest man is 77. I saw one man with a full grey beard, no one with large breasts.

I won’t be able to keep it on all day as I’m driving to Peterborough and back.


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