Open-water swim, Cherry Beach, August 25

After finishing up a few things at work, I arrived late for swimming. The water was quite cool, but refreshing rather than painful.

I brought my new De Soto wetsuit to the beach and spent what seemed like forever – probably about 30 minutes – working my way into the suit. The De Soto folks thought that the suit would be long on me but I had to pull it up to the bottoms of my calves in order, on the third concerted effort, to get the crotch of the pants up to where it should be. The sleeves were a little long – but I don’t think I ever got it properly onto my shoulders. The chest area is a huge uniboob. By the time the suit was half on, I was sweating – and that made it harder to put it on. I should have just stepped further into the water and gotten it wet inside.

By the time I had the suit on, the other swimmers were almost ready to come in for the evening. However, I did try the suit. It’s very buoyant. As advertised, the pants are more buoyant than the top, giving a lot of lift to the hips. I didn’t have to swim, just sit in the water. And swimming was a matter of pushing myself forward. Distance, perhaps 300 yards.

Officially it’s too late to return the suit, but I think I’ll call and see if I can exchange at least the bottom for a larger size.


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