Swim practice, August 31

DSC's seahorse banner

DSC's seahorse banner

Today was my first workout with the Downtown Swim Club and first visit to the 50-metre Donald D. Summerville pool. The session was run by Coach Kelvin and different groups had different workouts.

  • warm-up: breaststroke easy, 50m + freestyle, easy, 150m = 200
  • kicking with flutterboard, 100m x 2 = 200
  • (freestyle 50 + breaststroke 50 + freestyle 50) x 2 = 300
  • cool-down: side stroke 100 + freestyle 100 = 200
  • extra: freestyle 100) x 4 = 400

Total: 1300m, approximately (1430 yd.)

swimming, gliding or sculling drillsConcentrate on leading with elbows, digging in, stroking back instead of in towards the body, holdng the hands loose, angling the hands out a bit, exhaling forcefully, bearing down on the stroke, looking at the horizon when breathing, remembering to kick, etc.


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