Big grey sky

I left work just about local sunset under a vast, humid grey cloud, the fringes of Hurricane Hanna.

I picked up a cooked chicken on the way home and had almost the classic Margaret Visser meal tonight: chicken, corn, and tomato. In her book Much Depends on Dinner, she had rice on the plate as well. (Each chapter of the book describes the history of a food in the dinner.)

It’s going to rain tomorrow and we’ll have hot, humid weather. I’m not doing any laundry tonight. At least the temperature is going down to 20 tonight; and I’ll button the house up against the heat tomorrow.

Our long-haired cat, Marlowe, has been very bad-tempered all day with sticky burrs in her fur, but she won’t stand still for anyone to cut them out: its a two-person operation.

I worked late last night and I want to be alert tomorrow, so I’m going to replenish the dry catfood and go to bed. If I can’t sleep I’ll go out for a walk.


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