Canada’s national Do Not Call registry


Finally, people in Canada can call a number, give their phone number, and tell telemarketers not to call them.

Here’s what you need to say::

  1. “English” or “français”
  2. Your number, starting with the area code, one digit at a time (or beep it in)
  3. “Register”

You can listen to the rest, which is mostly a long legal disclaimer, or hang up.

The telemarketers have been lobbying against it and have managed to get some exceptions:

  • Political parties
  • Charities
  • Newspapers trying to get subscribers
  • Any business that you’ve dealt with in the last year

Those you must tell individually, yourself, to take you off their calling lists. To register a number, you must call from it. What that means, of course, is that you can’t register Ident-a-call numbers with special rings by telephone. But you can use the web site: National Do Not Call Registry (Canadian).

It takes 31 days to get the message to telemarketers but is good until November, 2011.


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