Exercising for health

It’s increasingly clear that to feel good and be healthy, a person has to get some exercise.

I’m trying to add some more activities to my modest mix of swimming a couple of times a week and doing Pilates once most weeks. For one thing, I can practice Pilates exercises at home. And I can switch the swimming from 1-hour skills sessions to 1.5-hour, coached lane swims.

I would like to add regular walking and regular bike rides, at least until the snow is on the ground. By that time my walking should be jogging or running. And I can switch to an indoor bike trainer.

There’s also contra dancing about three times a month, for the price of a movie and a snack. Indeed, there are other regular opportunities for folk or country dancing.

That’s one of the things I like about Toronto: whatever you like, you can find people to do it with.

I probably won’t be keeping detailed notes here the way I do with swimming. But in the background, I hope to be working out more. I’ve made a modest start with a very slow bike ride of about 14 km (9 miles) this weekend, in the Don Valley.


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