Swim practice, November 5

swim-goggles-smSwim workout in 25-yard pool with triathletes, LotStreetWiz, and Lizbot, overseen by Coach Kelvin, 45 minutes. We were a little late because LotStreetWiz was still unpacking from his last business trip.

  • warm-up: 75 yards freestyle, 75 breaststroke = 150 yards
  • (50 yd. flutter kicking with flutterboard & pull buoy, 50 yd. freestyle with pull buoy) x 2 = 200 yd.
  • 50 yd. sculling in positions 1 – 3 with partner x 4 = 200
  • 50 freestyle, breathing pattern 3-1, 3-2 = 100
  • 50 freestyle, breathing pattern 5-2 x 2 = 100
  • 50 freestyle, breathing pattern 3-1 – 50

Total: 800 yd. or 720 metres.

The breathing exercises encourage us to establish a smooth series of strokes without needing to breathe and to get a deep breath when we do breathe.

Lizbot got a spare pair of goggles from LotStreetWiz that proved to be comfortable with her eyebrow piercing, so she kept them.

We went for breakfast at Tim Horton’s afterwards. Lizbot wore her “Loch Ness Imposter” T-shirt.



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