Base cuisine: microwaved squash

This is a simple recipe that takes most of the work out of cooking squash, because you don’t have to peel it.

This works well on small winter squashes: pepper squash, carnival squash, or any small squash, including the round base of butternut squash.

I’m starting with carnival squash, which is a multicoloured, new variety:


Cut the squash into quarters. Make the first cut by setting it on the flattest surface, on the stem end. Make the second cut by turning the cut side down so that the squash doesn’t roll around. Scoop out the seeds with a spoon.


Arrange the squash pieces in a microwaveable dish.


Into each piece, put a small lump of butter and some dried herbs. I use basil or oregano.


Microwave for several minutes, until the squash is soft.


Now you can mash in the butter with a fork and scoop the squash out of the shell with a spoon.


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