broom-smI spent all day cleaning and doing laundry, and getting ready for next week. The house doesn’t look much different but it’s cleaner. I got out a box of lightweight lunch containers so I won’t have to spend time looking for matching lids.

Sorting the recycling, washing cans, shredding papers, etc. took a long time and it’s a task I didn’t have to do a few years ago, at least not in such detail. I now carefully dissect envelopes, shred everything with an address on it, and recover every scrap of paper or plastic from all sources. The municipality doesn’t take plastic bags, but the local Sobey’s grocery store does. So I collect plastic film from other sources, as long as it seems to be the same kind.

I didn’t grocery shop, didn’t get around to changing the beds, and still have to make my lunch for tomorrow. I did make chili for Grey Cup night. I would like to arrange some of my clothes into outfits so I can grab them while half asleep; and I intend to pack my swimming bag tonight for tomorrow’s class.

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