Who trusts the Harper government?

They lost my trust when Harper broke his own newly minted law to call an election when he happened to be ahead in the polls. It was an opportunistic attempt to get a majority, which failed. He thinks he can make and break therules to suit himself.

He’s also saying that it’s inappropriate to share power with a bunch of separatists like the Bloc Québecois, but his own party signed an agreement with the Bloc in 2004 to share power. So he’s a hypocrite. The other parties do have a right to form a government if they can, by calling for a non-confidence vote.

The opposition parties say he’s not moving fast enough to ameliorate the economic downturn. That’s a bit of an excuse, but o save his bacon, he’s asking the Governor General to suspend Parliament until late January. That will stop all activity to take swift action.


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