Cats and weather

The weather has turned cold after a couple of rather rainy weeks, so the cats are getting restless. They want more attention. They want to play more. They are more inclined to little spats or games of tag where one participant wants to play and the other does not. The three cats that use the cat door have gotten very wary about approaching it. All of them now prefer to use the people doors or climb up the cherry tree and meow at the bedroom window. It occurred to me that a cat going through the cat door presents first a very vulnerable nose while all four feet are fully engaged in slinking at a half-crouch.

They are getting into more things and climbing in more odd places. Cloud jumps into the tub and waits for us to turn the tap and create a trickle of water for him to play with. Marlowe created her own trickle: rather than go out, she squattted carefully over the drain in the basement floor and pee’d into it. She regularly goes out and returns with a heavy smell of smoke in her fur. I think she’s visiting the private Greek cafe next to the real estate office.

They are finding some fun: tonight: I stepped on something hard, roundish, and slightly yielding while in the basement. It turned out to be the freshly severed head of a mouse. I hope they ate the rest of it.


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