An odd day

On Tuesday I was going to check the STC job bank, wrap presents, clean up the house, deal with various financial matters, make a nice supper, and write a couple of progress reports. I did check the job bank. After that I spent the day accompanying LotStreeWiz on his errands, to provide moral support during a visit to the dermatologist. The weather started out a bit cold and cloudy, but progressed to damper and windier.

We took the subway to Queen’s Park station and tramped around in a limited area from College Street to Bloor Street. Our first stop was Canadian Blood Services

I was tempted into volunteering to donate blood with LotStreetWiz. (I’ve been shunning the Canadian Blood Services since the Hepatitis C Scandal.) I had passed their College Street office many times but never been inside before. It’s an impressive red dolomite mansion that started out as the original Sick Children’s Hospital and for a long time housed the Toronto Police 52 Division. There’s a big open atrium. We stepped down to the reception desk and took a number. After insisting that I’d be in their data base if I had ever given blood, they couldn’t find me and my 26 previous donations so they created a new entry. Then I had a blood test (iron levels are fine) and filled out a detailed questionnaire (all OK). THEN I saw a nurse, who rejected me because my pulse was too fast. Maybe it was from all the excitement. LotStreetWiz was rejected because he was going to see his dermatologist about a skin spot. It took about 45 minutes for us to be rejected.

After that abortive visit, we had a mediocre lunch at Pogue Mahones, a faux Irish pub on College Street. The name means something like “Kiss My Ass” in “Irish.”

We walked up to a Breitling watch store on Hayden Street for tiny batteries, then west to The Runner’s Shop at 180 Bloor West, Specs on Bloor, and the dermatologist. The spot was just a spot. We returned via the LuluLemon Shop on Bloor and the Atelier Gregorian music store on Yorkville Avenue (my side trip).

The shops were fairly quiet but people were determinedly trudging through the slush with large gift boxes and bags. By the time we headed for the subway, wet snow pellets or freezing drizzle was sticking to my coat. I requested that we duck the damp, cold wind by walking underground and that led to another side trip, this one to Science City under Bloor Street. We walked back to Yonge Street via the underground mall and took the subway home. We got out one stop early to walk home. We were out for more than six hours.


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