Danforth Valu-mart

Honey Crisp apples

Fresh fruit: Honey Crisp apples

On the day before Christmas we needed a few groceries. I planned to go to a store north of us but the traffic was very busy in that direction. So I went east instead and ended up at the Valu-mart on Danforth Avenue. The store is right at Woodbine and Danforth, close to a subway entrance. There is some free parking behind the store. It was pouring rain, so I was glad to be able to park near the doors. From the parking lot, I descended in an elevator to the shopping level, which exits on Danforth at ground level.  The store is of modest size, so choices are limited, but good. You can get Loblaws’  President’s Choice brand. There is a range of basic products plus a sprinkling of special items. The store looked clean and well stocked, not counting the depradations of the pre-Christmas hordes.

In the produce department I was surprised to find Honey Crisp apples, which are hard to get anywhere because they are so delicious.

Then I discovered some unique vegetables: as well as the standard white cauliflowers, there were orange, green, and purple ones called broccoflowers.

Unusual vegetables

Unusual vegetables

It’s an interesting store and I think I’ll go back again.


One Response to “Danforth Valu-mart”

  1. Storm Says:

    It’s a awesome store isn’t it?
    I’m applying for a job there right now…I’ve been going to the store practically everyday, it’s always had what we needed.
    :3 you should go back.

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