Contra dancing, December 27

I took Andie to contra dancing at St. Barnabas, where we met Ian and Erin. The band was from Michigan and it was quite good. Andie danced the last dance, among others, with her father. As usual, she was the best dancer among us. I stuck to the male position as it’s confusing to keep switching and there’s always a shortage of men at the dances.

Erin was quite shy about dancing, but we eventually got her up and going. I think she enjoyed it.

I took some fairly good pictures and even a couple of videos. Unfortunately I lost them while transferring them to the computer.

Oh, yes—the Toronto Country Dancers have a new sound-mixing control panel. It looks something like the one below (minus cat).

funny pictures of cats with captions
more funny cats


One Response to “Contra dancing, December 27”

  1. Tim Says:


    I haven’t danced in TO, but I once danced in Buffalo to a band called Four Potatoes–from Toronto–which was pretty amazing. I’ve heard a few Canadian callers at the Queen City dance too, over the years.

    I wonder if you ever ran into that band. It was some years ago and billed as a sort of farewell performance for them as they were about to go separate ways–so the story went. One notable thing about the band was the digeridoo included in their instrumentation. But they weren’t merely weird or novel, they were a great dance band bringing some nice twists to both new and old music.

    Right now I’m traipsing around the web looking for people who might be interested in contra so as to introduce them to, at which I hope you’ll take a quick look. It offers clothing and gifts for dancers (especially, but not only, contra dancers) and musicians.

    I hope I haven’t given offense with such a commercial message.

    All the best,

    Tim Noonan

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