Books read in 2008

Books read in 2008:

  1. ReVisions, edited by Julie E. Czerneda & Isaac Szpindel (science fiction)
  2. Year’s Best SF 11, edited by David G. Hartman & Kathryn Cramer (science fiction)
  3. Year’s Best SF 12, edited by David G. Hartman & Kathryn Cramer (science fiction)
  4. The Best of Gregory Clark by Greg Clark (re-read) (humor)
  5. Lost Children, by Edith Pargeter (mystery)
  6. The Deep Blue Good-by (Travis McGee 1) by John D. MacDonald (mystery)
  7. A Purple Place for Dying (Travis McGee 3) by John D. MacDonald (mystery)
  8. Wild Horses by Dick Francis (mystery)
  9. Nightmare in Pink (Travis McGee 2) by John D. MacDonald (mystery)
  10. Decider, by Dick Francis (mystery)
  11. The Quick Red Fox (Travis McGee 4) by John D. MacDonald (mystery)
  12. The Best American Science Writing 2007, edited by Gina Kolata (science)
  13. Man and Animal (paperback edition) by Heinz Freidrich (science)
  14. Marsbound by Joe Haldeman (science fiction)
  15. New Writings in SF-24 edited by Kenneth Bulmer (science fiction)
  16. The Seventh Omni Book of SF edited by Ellen Datlow (science fiction)
  17. Best SF Stories from New Worlds 8 edited by Michael Moorcock (science fiction)
  18. The New Tomorrows edited by Norman Spinrad (science fiction)
  19. Millennium 3001 edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Russell Davis (science fiction)
  20. Asimov’s: Voice in the Dark, by Jack McDevitt, and other stories (science fiction)
  21. Ice Lake by John Farrow (mystery)
  22. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon by Bob Ward (nonfiction)
  23. One Fearful Yellow Eye (Travis McGee 8 ) by John D. MacDonald (re-read) (mystery)
  24. Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany (science fiction)
  25. The Sky So Big and Black by John Barnes (science fiction)
  26. Universe 15 edited by Terry Carr (science fiction)
  27. Dress Her in Indigo (Travis McGee 11) by John D. MacDonald (mystery)
  28. Finity by John Barnes (science fiction)
  29. Evolution’s Captain: the Dark Fate of the Man Who Sailed Charles Darwin Around the World by Peter Nichols (history)
  30. Come to Grief by Dick Francis (re-read) (mystery)
  31. The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury (science fiction)
  32. Pale Gray for Guilt (Travis McGee 9) by John D. MacDonald (mystery)
  33. Cat Encounters edited by Sean Manley and Gogo Lewis (fiction)
  34. The Little Sister by Raymond Chandler (mystery)
  35. The Identity of Man by Jacob Bronowski (philosophy of science)
  36. Finity by John Barnes (re-read) (science fiction)
  37. The High Window by Raymond Chandler (mystery)
  38. Bugs in the System: Insects and Their Impact on Human Affairs by May R. Berenbaum (popular science)
  39. Comeback by Dick Francis (mystery)
  40. Mistral’s Kiss by Laurell K. Hamilton (fantasy)
  41. Berserker Blue Death by Fred Saberhagen (science fiction)
  42. Daring Missions of World War II by William B. Breuer (history)
  43. Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris (religion)
  44. The Art of Detection by Laurie R. King (mystery)
  45. Why Darwin Matters by Michael Shermer (science)
  46. The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger (fiction)
  47. Incredible Rogers Pass by Art Downs, Ed Cesar, & Frank W. Anderson (nonfiction, travel, history, outdoors & nature)
  48. Spring Moon by Bette Bao Lord (fiction)
  49. 1990 Annual World’s Best SF edited by Donald A. Wollheim (re-read) (science fiction)
  50. Thyme of Death by Susan Wittig Albert (mystery)
  51. Amleth, Prince of Denmark by Saxo Grammaticus (drama)
  52. Analog: Tenbrook of Mars, by Dean McLaughlin, and other stories (science fiction)
  53. The Whole Hog by Lyall Watson (animals, science, nonfiction)
  54. The Best Short Stories of J. G. Ballard [on LibraryThing | on BookCrossing] (science fiction)
  55. May Your First Love be Your Last by Gregory Clark
  56. Dead Heat by Dick Francis & Felix Francis (mystery)
  57. Hellburner by C. J. Cherryh (science fiction)
  58. Idoru by William Gibson (science fiction)
  59. Danse Macabre by Laurell K. Hamilton (fantasy)
  60. It Came from the Far Side by Gary Larson (cartoons, humor)
  61. Asimov’s: Voice in the Dark, by Jack McDevitt, and other stories (science fiction)
  62. The House of Green Turf by Ellis Peters (mystery) [re-read]
  63. Telzey Amberdon (Federation of the Hub 1) by James H. Schmitz (science fiction, story collection) [re-read]
  64. The Far-seer, by Robert J. Sawyer (science fiction)
  65. The Awful Secret by Bernard Knight (mystery) [re-read]
  66. Agent of Vega by James H. Schmitz (science fiction) [re-read]
  67. The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Nineteenth Annual Collection edited by Gardner Dozois (science fiction)
  68. The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins (religion)
  69. Asimov’s: Dancing it All Away at Nadoka, by Lucius Shepard; Robot Dreams, by Isaac Asimov; and other stories (science fiction)
  70. Asimov’s: Flowers of Edo, by Bruce Sterling; Perpetuity Blues, by Neal Barrett, Jr.; Cannibals, by Nancy Kress; and other stories (science fiction)
  71. The Noble Outlaw (Crowner John 11) by Bernard Knight (mystery)
  72. Victory of Eagles (Temeraire 5) by Naomi Novik (science fiction)
  73. Microcosm: E. coli and the New Science of Life by Carl Zimmer (science)
  74. Darwin’s Century: Evolution and the Men Who Discovered It by Loren Eiseley (science)
  75. The Diaries of Adam and Eve by Mark Twain (fantasy)
  76. Asimov’s: Horse Racing, by Mary Rosenblum; In the Age of the Quiet Sun, by William Barton; The Ice War, by Stephen Baxter; and other stories (science fiction)
  77. F&SF: Pump Six, by Paolo Bacigalupi; Arkfall, by Carolyn Ives Gilman; and other stories (science fiction)
  78. Trial Run by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  79. Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume IIB, edited by Ben Bova (science fiction)
  80. Uther (A Dream of Eagles 7) by Jack Whyte (fiction)
  81. Man-Kzin Wars VI by Donald Kingsbury, Gregory Benford; concept by Larry Niven (science fiction) [re-read]
  82. Asimov’s: Gypsy Trade, by R. Garcia y Robertson; Outnumbering the Dead, by Frederik Pohl; All Vows, by Esther M. Friesner; and other stories (science fiction)
  83. Dead Cert by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  84. Blood Sport by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  85. I think I’m Outta Here by Carroll O’Connor
  86. For Kicks by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  87. Risk by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  88. The Flowers of Nicosia by David Ira Cleary, & other stories
  89. Nerve by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  90. High Stakes by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  91. Flying Finish by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  92. In the Frame by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  93. Forfeit by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  94. The Danger by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  95. Reflex by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  96. Break In (a Kit Fielding mystery) (mystery) [re-read]
  97. Shattered (mystery) [re-read]
  98. Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin (science)
  99. Destroyer (First Contact 7) by C. J. Cherryh (science fiction) [re-read] (next up, Pretender)
  100. Evolution for Everyone by David Sloan Wilson (science)
  101. Twice Shy by Dick Francis (mystery)
  102. Cheaper by the Dozen by Gilbreths (biography) [re-read]
  103. Enquiry by Dick Francis (mystery)
  104. Driving Force by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  105. Alex and Me by Irene M. Pepperberg (science)
  106. Proof by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  107. Under Orders (a Sid Halley mystery) by Dick Francis (mystery)
  108. 10-lb Penalty by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  109. Comeback by Dick Francis (mystery) [re-read]
  110. An Ape Came Out of My Hatbox by Lyn Hancock (outdoors & nature)
  111. The Sport of Queens by Dick Francis (autobiography)
  112. F&SF: A Different Country/As the Day Runs Down (science fiction)
  113. The Far-Out Worlds of A. E. Van Vogt by A. E. Van Vogt (science fiction)

Lists of books read in 2007 and books read in 2006 are also on my ‘blog.

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