Books to read

I went to Book City today looking for this week’s copy of Nature, which is a special edition on evolution. They didn’t carry it,  but I found a few books. I manfully resisted the Best American Science Writing 2008 and Best American Science & Nature Writing 2008. But I did pick up three books:

  • a set of John McPhee’s essays on American geology, Annals of the Former World
  • a history of evolution of the animal kingdom, Creatures of Accident by Wallace Arthur
  • a raging controversy in evolution that could be legitimately taught, Dawkins vs. Gould by Kim Sterelny. That’s approximately “the selfish gene” vs. punctuated equilibrium.

I also have a few books from last year in my to-be-read pile.

  • I’d like to re-read The John McPhee Reader, a set of mixed essays about people, places, and science.
  • Isaac’s Storm by Erik Larson, about the Galveston Hurricane in 1900
  • Coral: A Pessimist in Paradise, by Steve Jones
  • In fiction, there’s Irving Wallace’s The Word and The New English Bible (with Apocrypha).
  • And I still have Carl Zimmer’s Soul Made Flesh to read. His writing is always a treat.

On my trip to the bookstore and back I gave away two children’s books even though I hadn’t got around to registering them with Bookcrossing.


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