Cats and cold

It has been colder than usual for the last week (-9 to -17C plus wind chill). I didn’t even clean the snow off the back porch. and the cats are staying indoors more than usual. Consequently, they are bored and restless.

They are fighting more, playing elaborate games of stalking and king-of-the-mountain, and generally engaging in cat politics: who gets to sleep on the bed, who guards the exit to the downstairs, who attacks whom at the water-bowl. They are wrestling with rugs and tearing up random bits of cardboard. We’ve been bringing out extra playthings for them: toilet paper rolls, small balls, crumpled paper.

funny pictures of cats with captions
more funny cats

Last night they were especially active. Someone defeated a scatter rug in an epic battle and chewed up a ball of tissue paper that came in my new boots. The piece de resistance, though, was starting an automatic toy that, when jostled, squeak and bounces on its own for several seconds. Unless we had burglers, the cats were working the toy last night.


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