Snowy day

I picked a good day to stay home. It happens to be my regular work-at-home day. And it snowed. The snow was very light and fine, like sugar, and it wasn’t really cold out. But there were a lot of car accidents and it was nice not to have to go very far. I did jump up and drive LotStreetWiz to work, after his taxi didn’t arrive within 15 minutes.

Later, I walked down to the Danforth to meet Robert, and he explained the mechanics of planning a seminar or conference. That was very informative: it gave me a place to start. I appreciated it very much.  I tried out some slip-on walking spikes but I lost first one and then the other, then one again when I was looking for the first one. Then I shovelled snow, so I was out for at least a couple of hours.

Yesterday I re-sized some pictures so I could get the right size for phone contacts. That way, when someone calls, their picture pops up on the phone. I like to see my friends and it’s easier to recognize a face than a name. Tonight, I loaded them into the phone.


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