Organizing the kitchen

This weekend I de-cluttered a low set of shelves in the kitchen and moved it to another wall. I also got rid of some things I don’t use. That made a lot more space for arranging the things we do use and putting them close to hand. I still have to find a place for the rest of the junk off the shelf.

I put away the large plates and brought out smaller plates. The idea is that we’ll eat less.

Today I visited a friend and took her a knitted bedspread that I found in my mother’s closet, which had a few needles holding stitches at an unravelled spot. I’m sure mum didn’t make it; I think she was just repairing it. My friend will repair it and pass it along.

The sore muscles from Wednesday’s Pilates lesson have passed off. Now I’m coming down with a cold.


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