Gay marriage—why the opposition?

The blogger at Soob says:

Early last month my home state, Vermont, became the first state to legalize gay marriage via statute….

…never have I met a coherent argument against gay marriage that didn’t include either religious prejudice or blatantly subjective bias. No argument has ever convinced me that, on the whole, the recognition of gay marriage is an inherent danger to me, my fellow citizens (beyond their selective and imaginative discomfort) or my society. Now, a decade after legalized civil unions and a month after legalized gay marriage, I’ve yet to see even circumstantial evidence here in my state to support the cause of those in opposition, much less anything strictly empirical.


2 Responses to “Gay marriage—why the opposition?”

  1. Jay@soob Says:

    Thanks much for the nod and the comment, Monado.

  2. socialexplainer Says:

    Heterosexual marriage is a bundle of myths and love-marriage is one part of the myth. In other societies marriage is seen more as an economical thing, not as pure divine expression of love. WE call our religion as religion of love, and evenour homosexuals believe the marriage it is about love. In our culture the main importance is the myth that marriage protect love and helps love last longer. It is same kind of myth, as people in other religions believe the right astrological calculations help marriages to last. Gay marriages break this fuzzy myth and heterosexuals, who want with magical myth protect their relationship do not like busting their myth. Logical reasoning do not help because myths are not logical.

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