Nottawasaga Bay

Nottawasaga-Bay-50, originally uploaded by monado.

One of our entertainments on holiday was to spend a few hours at the beach of Nottawasaga Bay at Blue Mountains. The older and younger generations did a long swim.

A man and a girl, in wetsuits, wade away from the shore

We chose as our target “palm-tree island,” where someone has built a couple of artificial palm trees.

distant view of a low island with a few bushes and what appear to be palm trees

The middle generation created an Om symbol out of sand.

a young man sculpts a Hindu symbol in sand on the beach

Here is a satellite picture: we swam out, from the beach to the right of the pier, to the island and back.

satellite picture of lakeshore and nearby island

"Palm Tree" island

We left before heat and humidity built up to destructive storms, including a downburst of wind.


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    […] round trip to a tiny island. Unlike our swim a couple of years ago to the palm-tree island in Nottawasaga Bay, the water for this one was not cold enough for wetsuits. The surface water was warm and the deeper […]

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