“Where’s my snack?”

Last night one of the cats caught a mouse or a small rat and brought it in. I heard the cat shuffling and jumping in the kitchen as he darted around, batting, “surrounding,” “losing,” and pouncing. His brother was attracted by the noise but he wasn’t inclined to share. So I opened the back door and he left with his prey.

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A few minutes later he was back, thumping around. This time, when I looked, he had a large, dead rat. It was not only dead, but cold. So either he killed it earlier or something else did. I took this one away before he could lose interest and leave it on the kitchen floor for someone to step on in the morning. The cat was disappointed until I gave him some cat treats as reward and compensation. Before I dropped the rat into the garbage, I weighed it. It massed 132 grams, or just over 4 ounces. I would have said it was at least six.



One Response to ““Where’s my snack?””

  1. Don Hutton Says:

    Let’s hope he doesn’t run into the Giant Rat of Sumatra (of Sherlock Holmes fame).


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