A freethinker’s grave marker

Freethinker, originally uploaded by Mr. Ducke.

This grave is evidence of the long tradition of freethinking in both the U.S. and Canada. It seems that Robert Adams, a New Englander, travelled to Montreal, Quebec, where he was a leader in the local freethought movement and the Canadian secular movement. He died in the U.S. and his gravestone quotes that father of U.S. independence, Thomas Paine.

Erected by his friends.

Capt. Robert Chamblet Adams

Born in Boston, Mass. Dec. 1, 1839
Died in Sedgwick Me. Aug 10th 1902

President of The Montreal Pioneer Freethought Club
Past President of The Canadian Secular Union

“Character is above Creed and Goodness is a matter of Life, not of Belief.
Therefore do not shun nor judge harshly those who differ in Opinion from you.
Doubt is the Father of Progress.
Do not stifle its Questionings but prove all things for yourselves.”
“The World is My County. To do Good My Religion.”

–Thomas Paine


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