On to the next task

I finished another busy week at work. Now it’s time to dash down to my parents’ house to clean and do minor repairs. And I got paid on my last invoice, so I can pay bills.

Then it’s time to dash back, make sure I’m ready for next week, and squeeze in a little extra house-cleaning for Christmas.

There was a charity sale at work and I treated myself to a small music-player attached to headphones. I’m finally joining the ’90s! Now to try it out and see if I really need a sound track for my life.


2 Responses to “On to the next task”

  1. Don Hutton Says:

    I’ve always thought that the whole “Soundtrack for your Life” only made sense if other people can hear it. I think it would be nifty if you could have sonic adornment such as the stabbing musical sting from “Psycho” or the “Twilight Zone” theme. Heck, I’d even settle for Star Trek beam in/out and door opening sound effects.

    Sadly, noise pollution and copyright problems would seem to make this impractical.

    • monado Says:

      Well, I’m just as glad not to hear other people’s sound tracks, although “Star Trek” door noises would be neat. The real trick is to waltz through your day so that others know you’re hearing the music, without earphones!

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