Sunday, December 20

I had a long, but interesting and rather pleasant day.

First, I got up early and took AthleticKid to the next largish city, where she lives, to take her Bronze Medallion (Lifesaving) exam. That took three hours, officially. It started late because the examiner had to drive all the way from our city (heh, heh, heh). It finished almost on time, but then there was another hour waiting for all the students to receive feedback from the examiner separately. Only 40% of the students passed.

However, I didn’t waste the time. First, I chatted with the parent of another student. Then, I read for a while. About an hour into the actual exam, a small Aikido class started in the gymnasium, and I was able to watch it and chat with the instructor.

Then I waited an hour for AthleticKid to get her results. Finally, we were able to go for lunch. We went to a friendly Italian restaurant called Limoncello. The personal pizzas were about $10 each, but each will be good for at least three meals.

I took AthleticKid home and chatted for about an hour with her custodian.

Then I drove to a nearby grocery store that I knew of. I had never been inside, but had noticed it next to the Ikea (Swedish furniture) store. It turned out to be huge, with a large variety of products. Ienjoyed exploring the store and bought some new things to try. Finally, I checked out and headed for home.


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