Test 3

This is another test.

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3 Responses to “Test 3”

  1. Doug Says:

    So you skipped tests 1 and 2 entirely and then had to retake test #3. You’ll never pass at that rate.

  2. Don Hutton Says:

    What are you testing? ReTweets from your mobile handset to your blog via FaceBook? GPS co-ordinate changes bluetoothed to a laptop desktop gadget for blog posting? Parole Board radio-anklet house-arrest perimeter breaches posted from your desktop computer using a police-band scanner dongle?

    It’s the age of Lego computing!

  3. monado Says:

    Hi, guys. I deleted the first two tests and forgot about this one.

    I tested posting by e-mail, since I am spending a lot of time commuting to a client site and working there. I tend to concentrate for hours at a time and I don’t blog from work. But we are allowed to open a web browser and do a little personal e-mail, which is good because our household schedule occupies several Google calendars. I occasionally approve blog comments remotely.

    Theoretically I can set the category as well.

    Tweets go to Facebook but I don’t make many as my life is boring, the way I like it. (I did post a few lines of doggerel about the TTC’s new subway line.) I’ve forgotten how to blog from my cell phone and I turn off its GPS. If they want to find me, they’ll have to come looking in person!

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