Lombardy poplars

The one bright and beautiful thing I could see from my bedroom window was a row of poplars peeking up over a roof. When I returned to visit in later years, they were dying of old age.
I was sorry to see them go because I had spent so many hours watching their leaves flash and gleam in the sunlight.
I think of poplars as the slender Lombardy polar. Here’s a row of them receding into the distance.

The author of Tree Notes thinks of the poplar as the sturdy cottonwood. Follow the link for more musings on trees.


2 Responses to “Lombardy poplars”

  1. Don Hutton Says:

    So sad. We’re “at that age” where our elders are dying on us but one tends not to think of trees going.

  2. monado Says:

    I guess that was when I learned that trees have lifespans. They grew up fast, peeked over the roof, and I enjoyed them for years. They just don’t live 100 or more years the way a maple tree can.

    So it’s not that sad: I still get a lift of the heart when I see a poplar tree.

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