Early to bed!

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I know it’s only 7:15 p.m., but I’m going to sleep. I did a long open-water swim last night and an intense Pilates workout this morning, plus three loads of laundry and other cleaning. Besides, if I go to sleep now, we can get up at oh-dark-hundred for a walk to listen to pre-dawn birdsong.

And there’s nothing on TV except protesters and police on the streets of Toronto for the G20 meeting. Y’know, with a billion dollars we could have had a national daycare system instead. Twice over.


2 Responses to “Early to bed!”

  1. Doug Says:

    We’ve already go a national daycare system. It’s called ‘parents’. Nevertheless, you are correct that a billion dollars is a lot to spend just to bop a few protestors on the head however entertaining that might be.

  2. monado Says:

    That’s not a system! It’s all disorgledized.

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