Devilled eggs

Here, "devilled" means with a bit of mustard.

I’m going to put these here so I won’t lose them.

Some recipes:

JM’s recipe:

  1. Hard-boil eggs.
  2. Peel eggs.
  3. Halve eggs on long axis.
  4. Scoop out yolks.
  5. Using mixing bowl, mix and mash yolks with curry powder and some small amount of liquid (I use light soy sauce).
  6. Scoop mix into the cavities left in the coagulated albumen.
  7. Chill, then serve.

Caine’s recipe:

  • I mix the yolks with a spoonful of mayo, a spoonful of good mustard (I use a stone ground), a healthy dash of white vinegar, salt to taste, then spooned or piped back into egg halves and generously topped with paprika (preferably Hungarian).
  • The amounts depending on how many eggs are being done, of course. Taste the mix frequently and adjust accordingly.

JM’s mayo:

  • I grew up with mayonnaise being an emulsion of egg yolks and oil (my grannie could beat those suckers like a machine with one hand (using only a fork!!) whilst using the other to dribble in olive oil) and a dash of either vinegar or lemon juice.
    There was no sugar in it.

I was brought up on Miracle Whip. When I tasted mayonnaise, I thought it was strangely bland. Now I’m used to it. I’ve been using Hellman’s olive oil mayo plus a little lemon juice for tartness in most things. Now I’m accustomed to luxury and Miracle Whip tastes funny.

I haven’t tried making my mayo, but if it’s really just egg yolks and oil, maybe I should try it. You too can beat eggs like a machine. Just hold a fork horizontal in your dominant hand between thumb and forefinger, then relax your wrist and move it in horizontal ovals. Put the fork just below the surface of your liquid (eggs, batter), so that each movement picks up a bit of your mixture and drops it back into the main body. That incorporates air into the mixture. Aim for a regular rhythm of about five beats per second or faster. In no time you’ll be hand-walloping your own mayo.


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