Recipes: bacon

From Tom: “I make my own bacon – you should try too.”

  1. Take a belly of pork, remove any bones – leave on the skin – its a vital part of bacon!
  2. Weigh it and put it in a zip-lock plastic bag with the appropriate amount of dry cure rubbed in and stick in the fridge.
  3. Turn every two days – depending on the thickness of the belly it will be ready in 3- 7 days.
  4. Slice as needed -you can do this on a piece of hard wood with steel wire of various thickness stapled in as depth guides. Any bits left that are too dangerous to cut into slices rough cut into lardons.

Tom says: “I would recommend a decent knife – the sort you see being used to cut see through slices of air-dried ham – you can’t mechanically cut 2-year-old air-dried ham so its a skill you should learn and then you can eat luxury gourmet food that costs nothing but patience compared with the shop prices.”


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