Chili-lime marinade

Ogvorbis kindly supplied this when I asked for something better than commercial brands.

  1. Dry fry three cloves of garlic, then peel and mince.
  2. Mix together
    • the garlic,
    • juice of one lime (and as much of the pulp as you can manage),
    • three fresh chili peppers (I prefer serrano chiles (seeded and deveined optional (depends on how much heat you want))),
    • some freshly crushed cumin (not too much), and
    • about 1/4 cup chicken broth.
  3. Marinate some pork or chicken for a suitable amount of time (more for pork, less for chicken).

I’ve also done this with tequila rather than broth, but I had to add salt (which I try not to do (I have no problem with adding salt at the table, I just try to cook with salt as little as possible)).

I mince a mean garlic, so I’ve got to try this soon.

See that, Loblaws? No modified corn starch, no dextrose, no corn syrup solids, no maltodextrin, no lime powder. Just honest-to-god food ingredients.


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