Mike Celizic: A Happy Birthday

Mike Celizic, a reporter for the TODAYshow.com and a writer for MSNBC, has died of fast-moving lymphoma. He wrote a note to PZ Myers, author of Pharyngula:

I want to tell you how much I’ve learned reading your blog and how much enjoyment it has brought me. I’m a writer for the MSM [mainstream media], and it’s been a delicate balancing act for years to not be blatantly the atheist I am, lest I upset the readers, or, more important, the bosses, who quail at the mention of the topic.

I’ve written an entry on deciding not to undergo more treatment. With my last post, I’ll expose my beliefs and let the cranks and fundies weep and wail and gnash their teeth and rend their garments. I’ll be rejoining the ecosystem – anyway, my ashes will – and won’t care.

This is how Mike Celizic reacted to the news that his cancer has returned. It’s one of the last things he ever wrote. Wow. Just wow:
Cancer Journal: A Happy Birthday


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