Quick meals or snacks

Quick breakfast:

  • Granola with unsweetened yogurt (about half and half, maybe less granola) is a nice breakfast and granola with unsweetened yogurt and fruit is a very nice breakfast. If that’s too tart for you, a little sugar brings out the creamy qualities of the yogurt.
  • My frittata are simple, just some chopped onion in beaten egg with a dollop of milk or water, and maybe a handful of spinach on top just before I turn it over.

If you don’t like to cook, the microwave oven is your friend. I can

  • cook medallions of potato or sweet potato to eat hot with butter
  • make 2 pieces of toast, place cheese in between, and zap for 25 seconds to make a low-fat “grilled cheese” sandwich
  • cook a “coddled” egg in 40 seconds (beat with a small dollop of water, cook in small, straight-sided dish) and have it alone or on toast. (Butter the dish first if you don’t like scrubbing.)
  • bake a potato in a few minutes (pierce the skin all over first so it doesn’t explode)

As you can see, my standards are pretty low when I don’t feel like cooking, but it’s all adequate and nutritious.

If you like fruit salad, any three kinds of fruit, with orange juice as a dressing, makes a nice salad. It takes about a minute to quarter, core, and chop an apple, even less time to peel and slice a banana, and you can “peel” an orange very fast by cutting off the skin with a large, sharp knife.


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